Goldhofer - Drehschemel 2_100 to

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Drehschemel 2_100 to
Long-life equipment for Goldhofer THP / ET combination trolleys

Load distributors
- Design for combination with THP chassis
- Welding construction made of quality steel
- Dimensions (LxWxH) 1,980 x 1,740 x 100mm
- Load spreader can be adapted to various THP types by turning
- Centrally approved ball bearing
- The top side is designed as a sliding shoe guide
- 2 side mounting rails for fixing on the THP chassis loading surface
- Positioning travel distance in the mounting rails 900mm in steps of 100mm
- 4 lashing rings, arranged in the corners

Load turning table
- Welding construction made of quality steel
- Dimensions (LxW) approx. 900 x 2.500mm (2.750mm including lashing lash)
- Bearing by ball
- heavily dimensioned lashing tab on each turntable cover
- 1 central lashing point for the attachment of a securing connecting cable
between two
Rotating stirrers (rope not included in scope)
- 1 pair of sanding shoes for the formation of a rotary stirrer with lateral
(3-point support for long material transports with two swivels)

Technical data of the complete rotary table
- Overall height approx. 390mm
- Max. Tilting angle of the load turning table approx. +/- 15 ° in the
direction of travel and +/- 6 ° on the side
- when the self-tracking device is installed, the values ​​are reduced to max.
Tilting angle of the load turning table approx. +/- 8 ° in
Direction and +/- 5 ° on the side
- Weight per revolving platform with sanding shoes approx. 1,700 kg
- dead weight per rotary platform without sanding shoes approx. 1,530 kg
- Payload 100to. The rotary table and the load distributor

- Self-tapping device including hydraulic control unit and connecting hose
- Electrical cable 30,000mm length incl. ABS cable
- Brake connection (yellow-blue) 30.000mm with 3 relay valves

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